A 5 minute weight loss workout to train your abs. It's tough though!

This one's really for two types of people; those who don't have the time to do an hour run, but still want to do some effective cardio, and those who have already discovered the joys of High Intensity Interval Training and want a high intensity workout to match.

We at workouts matter have developed a workout, consisting of two rounds of four different high intensity exercises at thirty seconds each, with a thirty second break between each round.

You might be looking at that and laughing. I can't blame you for being sceptical about the effectiveness of a workout that doesn't even take five minutes, so do me a favour and try it for yourself. When you do try it, though, make sure to do it fast, I can't stress that enough. This won't work for you if you're doing one of each exercise every five seconds. Act as if there's a gun to your head and power through the workout as fast as you physically can.

If you turn out to be right then you can laugh all you want, but my bet's on it being a pretty tiring workout, which is what we're going for. Note: even though this workout is tiring, due to how short it is, it's easy to be fully recovered in 20-30 minutes with the right nutrition.

So, without further ado, I'll give you the workout and a little bit of explanation of the exercises for those who aren't familiar with them. Don't worry, they're pretty easy to grasp.

The workout itself:

  • 30s mountain climbers
  • 30s burpees
  • 30s up-down plank
  • 30s kick throughs
  • Two rounds with a 30s rest in-between each round


Exercise 1: Mountain Climbers

These are a pretty simple exercise that involve you putting yourself in the plank position and rapidly bringing each knee, one at a time, to its opposite elbow (although try to make sure they don't touch, you don't want to injure yourself).#

his exercise is probably the one you can fire off the fastest as you're essentially in the same position throughout. TIP: Clench your abs throughout this exercise for a bonus ab workout.


Exercise 2: Burpees

Those familiar with physical education in school will know this one well. A burpee is essentially where you transition from a pushup to a plank position to the lowest point of a squat position, jump, and do it all again. If that didn't satisfy you we've got a link to a fantastic video demonstration.


Exercise 3: Up-Down Plank

This one's just as simple as the others. It might even be a nice break for you in the midst of the other exercises, but personally I doubt it. This is one of my personal most hated exercises, and for good reason.

In the Up-Down Plank you start at a plank position on your elbows and bring yourself up to a plank position on the palms of your hands, one arm at a time. You then simply go back to a plank position on your elbows, one arm at a time.

It sounds easy enough, but when you're doing it at such a rapid pace, it certainly doesn't feel like it.


Exercise 4: Kick Throughs

The final exercise of the bunch, the Kick Through. This is actually the one that will work your abs out the best, specifically the side-abs or obliques, if you will.

Just like the others this is simple enough. In a plank position, you bring one arm and the opposite leg off of the floor, bringing that leg across your body as if you are kicking it out.

If you have problems with balance, like I do, or you are a beginner, you can keep both arms on the floor and simply kick through with your legs.

If you need a visual demonstration, there's a fantastic video by the people at helthination.


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