An interview with Divine Dishes

A few days ago I had the good fortune to be able to interview Alex from Divine Dishes, a meal planning and delivery service and one of the greatest things about the nutrition world - a group of people with a passion for tasty, healthy food.
So, without further ado:
  1. What inspired you to create Divine Dishes?


I’ve been itching to do something with food my whole life. I worked in restaurants, tried out blogging, and even considered a YouTube show. But what made me the happiest was actually feeding people! Especially when I’d lightened up a recipe, or made something healthy that was superbly delicious.

In my personal life, I’m an avid gym-goer, fitness fanatic, and health nut. I’d been meal prepping for myself for years – and finally it just clicked. Meal prepping for others! So many people don’t know what to eat, or how much, or when…and I had spent a decade collecting all this precious information for myself!

I did my research, searched for what was being offered for meal plans in my area and across the country, and attempted to solve all the problems I saw people found with them.

Now, I can finally give back by designing meal plans with meals that work for people in my community and help everyone to live a happier, healthier life.


  1. Who are your team members and what roles do they have?


So my “working” title is: Owner/CEO/Head Chef. I created and built the company, developed the website, set up the marketing/advertising, design and prepare the meals, and manage finances. It’s a lot, but as the business is still young, I like to be able to see everything from all angles.


Patrick, my grill master and designated taste-tester, is in charge of preparing all proteins. I noticed a lot of companies baked their fishes/meats for consistency, but come on! The grill is where it’s at! He’s a veteran cook of 15 years, and knows his stuff. He’s my second in command in the kitchen, and uses his refined palette to help me test all the meals for perfection.


I also have contracted the use of an experiences salesman. Shane, a professional MMA fighter, has a great network of athletes and working professionals in the area, and has agreed to help me market the business in exchange for a weekly meal plan!

He’ll be my “ground guy” – helping to talk about the meal plans and deliver free samples to people in my target demographic. I’ve cooked for him many times, especially during his weight cuts leading up to a fight – so he has a great grasp on what DIVINE DISHES is capable of.


I also have a dedicated morale-booster…it’s my puppy dog, Kujo (cu-jo). Although he’s not allowed in the commercial kitchen, he is the official taste tester of the developing doggy-line of products. He’s also one of the reasons I was insistent on developing a company that would allow me to work my own hours so I could be around more for park walks and squirrel-chases.


  1. What do you love most about the food, diet and nutrition world?


I love how versatile ingredients can be. There are so many people with dietary restrictions or allergies, and I love being able to recreate favorite dishes with ingredients that work in their diets, and macros that work for their lifestyle.

I’m also very passionate about using food as a medicine. For years I battled on-and-off bad skin, digestive problems, hunger cravings – and through research, trial and error, I discovered just what my body needed, and could do without!

Now, I’m energized, have clear skin, and “eat to live” instead of “live to eat”. The right diet for me changed my life, and it has the power to do that for everyone else too!


  1. What frustrates you most about the food, diet and nutrition world?


Probably just how complicated the food and diet industry can be, and how much controversial, contradictory information there is out there. It can be so difficult to find the answers you’re looking for, especially if you’re not well-educated on the topics.

I hope to be able to make living a healthy lifestyle easier for those who want it – and help those who need to maintain their physique and reach their goals the easiest part of their daily routine.


  1. How can people reach out to you?


My (beautiful) website is:

There’s a contact form on the website, but my email is:

My business phone can be called or texted at: (315) 257-7773.


You can also find Divine Dishes on Facebook at Divine Dishes Kitchen


Thank you all for reading, you can leave any thoughts you have below in the comments section.

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