How to get yourself to actually work out (even if you don't have the energy)

We've all been there, some more than most. Maybe you're lacking motivation, maybe you've got a lot on your plate and don't need the extra work, maybe you're just tired and you don't have the energy to work out. In this post I'll describe three methods that have been proven to work for me (and friends of mine) consistently:

1: Schedule your workouts

Scheduling may sound tedious, and getting yourself into the habit of scheduling often is, but scheduling your workouts more than pays off for itself. When a workout is on your schedule it's harder to put off and to procrastinate, as the time is already allocated for the workout.

A handy tip is that I find it's always best to slightly overestimate the time your workout will take, just so that you don't have to rush through your workout. If your workouts usually take 30 minutes, allocate 35 or 40 minutes of time, if they usually take 10 minutes, allocate 15 or 20 and if your workouts take an hour, give yourself an extra 15 minutes just so that you don't have to rush the exercises.

You can read about the benefits of scheduling here.


2: Have something you want to get done

Having something you need to do, be it work, a social event or a side project, is helpful for getting you working out. How so? I'll tell you:

If you've got something to do, let's say there's someone you've got to call or a form you've got to fill out, schedule it for after you've worked out, and tell yourself you won't get it done until you've exercised. This tip can be very useful for being able to make sure you stay fit when you've got a heavy workload, but is also just useful in general to stop procrastinating.


3: Being well fed

Don't have energy? Don't want to work out? Aren't seeing many benefits from exercise?

The answer may simply be that you're not well fed enough. Insufficient calorie intake (or intake of empty calories) will make you feel fatigued and low energy, as well as having negative effects on your life and productivity in general, this will slog your workouts down.

Make sure you're well fed and you're taking in the calories you need to sustain yourself. In the century we live in, we're often too busy to focus on things like eating, and a worrying number of people skip breakfast. It's understandable that you might be too busy to remember to eat, and that's why you might have to make it a conscious habit. If you don't eat, however, you won't be in the right place physically, or psychologically, to work out/



I hope this list helps, these three princples have taken years of trial and error to develop, and in the end they're so simple it's laughable. Stick to them and you'll be able to get out of the hump of being too tired to workout or always procrastinating.

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